Black label Bargondía

Try something different from among the Rioja wines, surprising, intense and unforgettable.

Grape varieties

100% Tempranillo.


Made using selected stemmed Tempranillo grapes, fermented and macerated at controlled temperature. Aged in cask for six months and matured in winery for up to ten months.

Tasting notes

To the eye: Purplish red colour with medium-high intensity.

Nose: Very intense and fresh aroma with hints of red fruits, violet candy notes and mild nuances of vanilla.

Mouth: In mouth it is pleasant with a good balance between strength and freshness. Pleasant and round flavour, with an aftertaste of fresh red fruits and vanilla.


Serving and pairing: Temperatura optima de consumo entre 16 – 18ºC. Ideal served with oily fish, cured meats and red meat.

Optimal consumption: Between fourteen months and three years after harvesting.

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